Alexey Petrovich<br />Zharkov

Alexey Petrovich

Chief Researcher for Therapy, Gastroenterology

In 1999 he graduated from the Military Medical Academy. S.M. Kirov of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation with a degree in General Medicine.

Since 2003 he has been receiving patients as a general practitioner, has valid certificates in ultrasound investigations, gastroenterology, infectious diseases.

In his medical practice, he is guided by the latest recommendations of the Russian and international medical communities, is interested in new directions in therapy and modern treatment methods.

Pays a lot of attention to self-education, strives to constantly expand his medical horizons.

Alexey Petrovich takes a comprehensive approach to assessing a person's health, the clarity of his position, calmness and a sense of humor inspire patients with confidence in the correctness of his recommendations.

He is an active supporter of a healthy lifestyle.

He has more than 10 years of experience in clinical trials, since 2008.


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