Astarta — Clinical Research Center

Astarta is a specialized center for clinical research. By specialized, we mean a highly qualified team, optimal organization of space and a professional approach to research and development.

Высококвалифицированная команда центра
Highly qualified team of the center
Research success depends on the involvement of industry professionals. The main requirements for the staff of the center are command of English, high computer literacy, openness and adherence to GCP standards. We managed to attract such employees to our team.
Оптимальная организация пространства
The optimum organization of space
When designing the clinic, we were guided by the rule “Comfortable for the patient / convenient for the doctor”. During visits with a large number of procedures and / or intravenous infusions, the patient is provided with a day hospital ward. The researchers have at their disposal spacious rooms equipped with everything they need. We also did not forget to organize comfortable working places for monitors during their visits.
Профессиональный подход к научно-исследовательской деятельности
Professional approach to research activities
The staff of the center understand that the main goal of their work is to obtain objective data on the investigational product and to document it in a high quality manner. Primary documentation is maintained according to the ALCOA principles, the average speed of entering data into the CRF is 2 business days, responses to inquiries are 3 business days.

The Astarta Clinical Research Center began active work in 2015. During this period, more than 50 clinical trials were launched in the following areas:


Our advantages
Профессиональная команда координаторов
Professional team of coordinators
A professional team of coordinators providing support to physicians on technical and administrative issues throughout the study (work with CRF, investigator file, etc.).
Организованное пространство для работы мониторов
Organized monitor space
At the time of checking the work of the center, employees of the sponsoring company are accommodated in comfortable rooms with wi-fi internet, computers and copiers. There is a comfortable dining area. The clinic is located 10 minutes walk from Primorskaya metro station, there are always free parking spaces.
Запирающаяся область хранения материалов исследования
Lockable research storage area
A separate lockable storage area for materials and preparation assigned for each ongoing study with strictly limited access only to the participants of this study.
Практический подход к соблюдению GCP
A Practical Approach to GCP Compliance
The researchers' work is in strict accordance with the principles of the GCP, the requirements of normative-legal acts, as well as specially developed their own SOPs.
Минимальные сроки подписания документов
Minimum terms for signing documents
Signing contracts with the institution and researcher takes within 5 working days. Consideration of the initial submission to the LEC fulfills within 14 days.
Активный подбор пациентов
Active patient selection
Researchers of our center are receiving appointments in the largest hospitals in St. Petersburg and have an extensive referral network, which ensures active selection of patients in preparation for the launch of the study.