Alisa Iskyandyarovna<br />Sharkaeva

Alisa Iskyandyarovna

Researcher in the direction of Endocrinology

In 2007 she graduated from the Saratov State Medical University with a degree in "General Medicine", and in 2009 she graduated from the residency of this educational institution with the qualification "Endocrinologist". PhD in Medicine.

Patients of Alisa Iskyandyarovna note not only a pronounced positive dynamics and significant results of treatment, but also the fact that she manages to create a comfortable atmosphere at her appointments. Responsible, judicious, pedantic, at the same time contact and tactful - she is happy to communicate with patients and helps them in solving even the most serious health problems.

She is fluent in English.

She has more than 10 years of experience in clinical trials, since 2007.


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